Majorca Tile Stencil


Tile floors and wall murals are on trend and what better way to recreate the look than with easy-to-paint and affordable tile stencils? OurMajorca Tile Stencil can create the faux tile when painted with your favorite colors. You can repeat the beautiful tile design to create an allover look, or mix and match with the Cadiz Tile Stencil, Marbella Tile Stencil, or Toledo TIle Stencil. 

8"w x 8"h

NOTE:  In store only we have a Stencil Library.  You can purchase any stencil from our large selection paying the full retail price, once you return the stencil in perfect, clean condition you will receive 1/3 of the purchase price refunded back to you.  This is only available to in store customers only.

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